Welcome to the orthodontic practice of Dr. Edgar L. Berre, Jr., D.D.S., Inc. Our practice is dedicated to excellence in orthodontics utilizing evidence based orthodontic diagnosis and treatment procedures. Webster’s Dictionary defines excellence as “superior, very good of its kind, and eminently good.”

An excellent orthodontic result requires a precise and comprehensive diagnosis followed by a predictable scientifically based treatment plan. Evidence based treatment is defined as treatment methods that have been proven effective by well conducted and scientifically valid clinical trials. Evidence based treatment conforms to proven biological principles and is not commercial or market driven.

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Our practice is committed to involving both the patients and parents in obtaining the best results through a quality oriented environment.


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On your first visit to our practice Dr. Berre will perform a thorough dental and temporomandibular examination of the patient.


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I have had several very different opinions on how my child's orthodontic problem should be treated. How can this happen?


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