Get Started

Your First Visit

On your first visit to our practice, Dr. Rust will perform a thorough exam. We will ask why you are seeking orthodontic treatment and what problems you are experiencing.

After the exam, Dr. Rust will give you his professional, clinical impression of the problems and what the treatment will most likely include. If treatment is recommeded to be started soon, another appointment will be made to obtain specific orthodontic records for proper diagnosis.  An exact treatment plan cannot be developed at the time of the exam but will be coupled with the findings of orthodontic records to define the problem in more detail. 

If the patient is not ready for treatment at the time of the exam and would be more efficiently treated at a later date, the patient may be put on a recall list to be seen at a later date.

Our practice prides itself not only in our thorough initial examinations but the overall time Dr. Rust gives to each patient to fully explain the scope of the issue and possible treatment options.