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Initial Oral Exam

On your first visit to our practice Dr. Berre will perform a thorough dental and temporomandibular examination of the patient. At this time the patient will be asked why they are seeking orthodontic treatment and a thorough history of their presenting problems will be taken. After the examination Dr. Berre will give the patient and parents his clinical impression of the problems and what most likely the treatment of the problems will entail. It must be remembered that an exact treatment plan cannot be rendered at this time since an exact treatment plan depends upon the findings of not only the clinical examination but also the radiographic findings that will define the dental and skeletal problem. Also dental casts, often mounted on an instrument called an articulator, are necessary for final treatment planning. However, years of experience will allow us to outline what we feel is the probable treatment approach and in many cases parameters can be given as to what the orthodontic fee will be. However, in complex cases this must be deferred until all the orthodontic records have been taken and studied. Our practice prides itself not only in its thorough initial examination but the time Dr. Berre gives to explaining to the patient the scope of their dental and orthodontic problems.

When the patient calls our office for a first visit one of the questions asked will be whether this patient is suffering any temporomandibular disorder symptoms. If this is part of their chief complaint a special temporomandibular dysfunction questionnaire will be sent to them via mail so that it may be filled out prior to the appointment. This will provide Dr. Berre with important information that is necessary in diagnosing and treating their problem.